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For years, contractors have been overcharging homeowners thousands for new heating and cooling systems. There’s a smarter way for you to purchase a brand new system online without ever paying hefty sales commissions and huge contractor mark-ups. It’s like buying direct from the manufacturer, only better.

This is how much you could be overpaying a traditional contractor!

Traditional contractor system cost (including installation)
Sales Person Commission
Contractor Markup
Your Total Savings!
The savings can amount to upwards of $3,000 and professional installation is a breeze. Plus, every system includes a FREE Perfect Match Confirmation to be assured that you are purchasing the right equipment for your home and budget. You’ll get the guaranteed lowest price on a brand new system, everything is licensed and insured, fully warrantied and includes a professional installation with one of our TruTech Certified™ pros installation teams.

It's the fastest, easiest way to save thousands today... and it's all 100% guaranteed!

How PriceFixer saves you thousands.

The power of the internet eliminates traditionally added sales commissions, meaning you can access the lowest prices on the planet. Plus, our national buying power allows us to negotiate directly with the manufacturers and not a middle-man. We also eliminate the massive contractor mark-ups by operating with little to no overhead – and those savings are passed on to you! It's almost like buying direct, only better because you also get professional installation along with six powerful guarantees.


We negotiate the best prices directly with the manufacturers and pass the savings on to you.

Perfect match

The perfect system is matched to your home with our Perfect Match™ Confirmation.


Your system is shipped to PriceFixer, inspected and prepared for installation.


A professionally trained team of TruTech Certified™ pros install your new system.


You save thousands and everything is 100% guaranteed!

Pricefixer comparison table

Saving will vary based on the type and size of the system.

Many times, technicians are simply "a sales person in disguise" and will be motivated to sell you a new system to earn a handsome commission. PriceFixer eliminates all the crazy fees and markups!

It's almost like buying direct from the manufacturer, only better!

Everything's Guaranteed!

Perfect Match
Perfect Match™ Confirmation
Our TruTech Certified™ technician will guarantee the system you selected is a Perfect Match for your home. If it is not, we will gladly exchange it for the right system or refund your money. It is simply impossible to make a mistake doing business with PriceFixer.

Installation Workmanship Guarantee™
Simply put, if, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your new system installation, we will correct the issue to your complete satisfaction. That is it, no fine print and simple to understand. You simply cannot lose!

Safe Shield Protected
Safe Shield Protected™
Your entire installation purchase is also Safe Shield Protected™ offering you a “double” layer of 100% customer satisfaction – and guarantees that we are Licensed & Insured. We are the ONLY company that offers this unique double guarantee!

TruTech Certified™ Guarantee
Our technicians are TruTech Certified™, which means that every technician must pass rigorous written and “in the field” testing to guarantee you the absolute most professional installation of your new system. 

No Excuses 100% Satisfaction Guarantee™
Everything we do from installation to keeping our promises to you… is guaranteed. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with our service – let us know and we promise to make it right – without excuses. 

Lowest Price Guarantee
We guarantee that the system we install will be provided at the absolute lowest price. If you discover a comparable system for a lower price from any other licensed contracting service by written quote within 45 days of your installation, we will refund the difference plus $100. 

Your new system will be a perfect match for your home. Plus, you'll save on your utility bills.

PriceFixer will never recommend a system that's not perfect for your home. Our experienced team uses a knowledge-based software that has been developed over the course of many years and thousands of successful installations. In short, it's a "best in the business" technology that assures you that we'll match the right system to your home, based on your personal preferences and efficiency ratings.
With your new Perfect Match™ system, you'll save plenty on your utility bills as well. Depending on the efficiency rating of your new system and the age of your old system, your TruTech Certified™ professional will be able to provide you with a personal energy analysis of your home. The savings add up and you'll contribute to a greener planet, too!
Every system includes the full factory warranty and we offer additional warranties that can add years of great coverage including parts and labor. It's all entirely your choice and 100% guaranteed. Every system is brand new from the manufacturer and you can add system options to improve the comfort level of your home. You simply can't lose.

Never Overpay For Utilities!

This is how much you could be OVERPAYING the utility company every year based on the age of your current system!

Base overpayment data source:









TruTech™ Certified guarantees a better installation.

The most important day of your new system is the day it's installed.
Did you know that incorrect system installations can void manufacturer warranties, be less efficient and even cause the system to break down prematurely? All of our technicians are TruTech™ Certified, which means that every technician must pass rigorous written and “in the field” testing to guarantee you the absolute most professional installation of your new system. Plus, we guarantee that we'll leave your home neat and tidy. Your old system will be environmentally recycled and no TruTech™ Certified professional will ever smoke in or near your home. It's not only the best price on the planet for a new system, it's the best installation, too... and it's all 100% guaranteed.

It's fast, easy and free!

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All it takes is about 10 minutes of your time. You'll need the approximate size of your home (square feet), the age of your old system and be prepared to answer a few simple questions. If you're ready to replace your system right now, request a Perfect Match Confirmation™. It's an incredibly easy process and there is no obligation (or sales pressure).

Relax, you've got PriceFixer!

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